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Right now, health is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The one aspect of our lives we simply cannot take for granted. Healthier societies are richer societies, this is a fact.

At MyGeneHub we’ve made it our mission to help individuals correct, through lifestyle changes, certain pre-disposition to many of today’s preventable diseases.

It is this ambition, what has earned the attention of several partners in the health, lifestyle and wellness sectors, who are keen to add value to their services by giving their customers access to the latest preventative health and fitness solutions.

We are constantly adding to our pool of partners and continue to seek businesses who share our values and vision for the future. From cosmetic clinics, to gyms and sports centres, our partnerships add a marked point of differentiation to their customer and corporate offer and maximise the effectiveness of their own programmes.

Adding value to your business

Health Facilities

Screening genetic tests are an excellent upgrade of personal healthcare due to their sensitivity, simplicity, and non-invasiveness. Lifestyle genetic tests represent a holistic approach to health where prevention is an integral part of the process.

Fitness and wellness facilities 

Your expertise and experience, coupled with our innovative products and services, represent a winning combination for achieving longevity and well-being. Genetic tests enable clients to get to know themselves better while giving your expert staff valuable information to meet clients’ goals faster and more effectively.

Healthy Rewards Programme for the workplace

We have designed personalised solutions to help companies address health issues in their work environment. With the combination of DNA tests, lectures, and diet and fitness plans, you can prevent health complications due to long hours of sitting, stress, and other potential health risks. The result? Significantly fewer sick days and motivated, highly productive employees.

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