Our Vision

We created MyGeneHub to offer everyone something different in the world of DNA testing. Through our partnership with GenePlanet, we deliver some of the most comprehensive DNA tests globally; supported by end to end holistic health and fitness programmes built just for you. We don’t stop there, we match this with access to an expert network, who is there for you every step of the way, to support you, encourage you and help you achieve your goals.

Our mission

We are here because we have dedicated our careers to help people live healthier lives. Put simply, we want to bring about a healthier society.

A healthier society starts with seeing and understanding the individual. With us, you don’t just get results; you get results explained. We translate your DNA test results into easy to understand and ready to use recommendations. We believe optimal health is the result of personalised preventive approach, and it starts with easily understandable and applicable recommendations regarding nutrition, exercise, and well-being. 

We are as obsessed by your journey as we are by your destination. We reward personal and collective achievement every step of the way. We are present throughout, to give you intelligent, meaningful insight that is made to measure, personal and above all actionable.

We are inclusive – we believe wellness is attainable for all, irrespective genetics, activity level, upbringing or ability. We are here to encourage you all the way – to be healthier, feel better, look better and ultimately live better.

Our ambition

Our efforts are two-fold - we continue to work with our European Lab and customers in developing the best DNA testing capabilities globally; whilst building our partnership programme to give you access to experts, as we keep adding new top advice and manpower to our experienced support network and gene transformation programmes. We are at the beginning of what’s possible with genetics, the road ahead is an exciting one and we are here for it.

Our promise to you

Where others see numbers, we see people. We want to be involved in your progress and remain committed to help you in your journey to better health, whatever your goal is. You just have to reach out, on this website, through messenger or across your preferred social network, we’ll be there to offer advice or emotional support whenever you need it.

Trust the science

DNA is an instruction manual to our body - how it develops and how it functions. Our Genetic predispositions affect us our whole life influencing us on a daily basis. By getting to know what is hidden in our genes, we can change old habits and improve the way we live. We believe the differences carried by our genes DO matter and they are responsible to make each one of us UNIQUE. That is the reason we offer solutions that are TAILORED to every single person. 


Our tests use custom and proprietary DNA panels developed by our European partner lab R&D department, and state-of-the-art genotyping technology, ensuring high-grade results. 


Our analyses are performed according to the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and credibility, and are based on the latest scientific discoveries. 

We pay special attention to the appropriate selection of genetic markers. We test only the genetic markers with scientifically proven impact and for which there are enough reliable evidence and quality scientific research. 

The interpretation of raw DNA data is based on our partner lab proprietary algorithms and programming environment that analyses and evaluates the data based on information from scientific research.


A driven and multidisciplinary team from the areas of biotechnology, medicine, nutritional & sport sciences, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and computer science represent the foundation of our success. 

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