DNA and You

Did you know your genetic makeup determines pretty much everything about you? Your appearance: the colour of your hair and eyes, if you are tall or short even how you respond to different external factors such as nutrients, physical activities, medications and your susceptibility to certain diseases. 

See, our genes play an essential role in passing characteristics across generations and are singlehandedly responsible for the similarities between parents and their children. Despite this likeness, your DNA is yours and yours alone, unless you have an identical twin that is. 

It’s a fact, not two persons in the world share the exact same DNA. You are unique.


Stop chasing your perfect diet and listen to your body on how to achieve successful and long-chasing results.


Your cholesterol, triglycerides or blood sugar levels are determined by your genetics and could require additional attention.


Did you know that your genes determine whether a specific workout will only build muscle or also accumulate fatty issue?


By understanding your genetic predisposition to wrinkles, cellulite and other skin conditions you can prolong youthful appearance.


Specific medications react differently on your body. Knowing your DNA can increase the safety and efficacy of your therapies.


The development of disease is encoded in our genes and can be prevented with additional attention to different screening methods.
Genetic testing is a powerful tool to discover more about yourself. By having your DNA analysed, you can access invaluable information that only a few years ago was unattainable. You will learn what is the best nutrition based on your genes and how your body reacts to certain foods, ingredients and vitamins; you can discover if you inherited any genetic risk to develop different diseases; you will understand how you respond to various medications; you will learn how to keep your skin young and rejuvenated and get insight on which sports activities are more beneficial for you.

For example, some people are more susceptible to become overweight or they metabolise certain substances or nutrients poorly, such as, caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. Knowing this kind of information enables us to better understand our specific needs and act accordingly. If we know our DNA, we can turn this information to our advantage and adjust our diet and lifestyle to positively affect our health and well-being. So stop second-guessing, start improving your life for the better with help from you genes!
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