11 September 2020

Welcome Monica

Drum roll please: we are so excited to welcome Monica Pulgarin as our first ambassador.

This fierce woman and fitness pioneer from Colombia is the whole package and will be a great addition to our programme. Starting as a latin dancer, in 2010, Monica took the fitness industry by a storm, introducing Zumba Fitness in Dubai, working closely with women in the UAE and building one of the largest health and fitness communities there.

A superwoman of sorts, she’s not rested in her laurels since! In 2013 she launched ’14 day Zumba Challenge’, a new concept focusing on intense workout embedded into Zumba, which has grown into an oversubscribed yearly event.

2018 saw her win first place at the UMFF Bikini Contest Competition and launching her own line of fitness leggings called B-FITLICIOUS; creating a fusion of comfort, functionality, latest technology and Latin design. In 2019 she becomes a yoga instructor and designs the first ever 30 days Dance and Fitness Challenge that combines Zumba, Yoga, HITT and Fitness Routines, a challenge that transformed into a virtual one during the global lockdown.

We couldn’t be prouder Monica has chosen to be our ambassador and look forwards to working together helping more people stay on track with their fitness.

We have lots of spots left in our ambassador panel, so if you are serious about feeling good and looking good and want to give DNA tailored nutrition and fitness a go, read all about our Ambassador programme, criteria and how to apply here:

Good luck 🙂

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